Foreword for the lectures are introduced here

Foreword for the lectures are introduced here

Three lectures were chosen about GM-plants:

- At 2006 August 22-26, in Eger (1st European Congress of Conservation Biology) we presented our results about protected lepidopteran species. Pollen distribution of corn and larval development of protected species led a sensitive period when the Cry1-toxin contained pollen can harm caterpillars. Our results based mostly on Inachis io. [click on the picture]

1st European Congress of Conservation Biology

- At 2006, in Hamburg (earlier in Wien 2003, Brussel 2005, Bratislava 2006) the causes (secondary effects) of the Hungarian (Pannon Biogeographical Region) MON 810 moratoria were presented for the international media. The balance of the advantages and disadvantages of MON 810 was calculated. [click on the picture]

2006, in Hamburg

- At 2008, in Parma our ecotoxicological results were presented for the EFSA administration on a closed session. This lecture was one of the three presented there. This lecture (with two independent topics) adds further results to the written confidential contributions presented earlier. [click on the picture]

2008, in Parma