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Béla Darvas

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Béla Darvas

Béla Darvas (born 1948) is a specialist in zoology (dipterology) and agricultural ecotoxicology. He got a CSc (PhD) degree in biology (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1989), and DSc of HAS Biological Department (2000). He is a professor of the University of Debrecen (1993). He got a Széchenyi scholarship (1998-2001). There was a guest scientist at the Insect Physiology Unit of Brighton University (1984), at Biochemical Institute of Liverpool University (1988), at the Norvegian Plant Protection Research Institute in As (1992) and at the Department of Biological Organic Chemistry, CID-CSIC of Barcelona. He has 102 scientific articles and 103 books and book chapters. He is a teacher in University of Debrecen (insect physiology and ecotoxicology). He is a senior member of Eötvös Loránd University PhD school of environmental sciences.

He spent his first eight working years in applied zoology in Plant Protection Centre, to study the biological effects of conventional and selective insecticides including Bacillus thuringiensis and insect development and reproduction disrupters (moulting inhibitors, juvenoids). From 1982 he was a research fellow of the Zoological Department of Plant Protection Institute of HAS, where he carried out researches of dipterology and insect physiology. His main field was inhibitors of insect steroidogenesis. From Diptera species, he characterized a cytochrome P-450-dependent monooxygenase enzyme. He described the effects of different inhibitors on ecdysone 20-monooxygenase system, he discovered precocious pupariation as a lethal type of development of Brachycera species. He worked with ecdysteroid-agonists type pesticides and some of their synergists. With co-authors he was one of them who demonstrated progesteron-synthesis in procuticule phase of insect-larvae. He started a new research field with Ajuga species (phytoecdysteroids) using them as botanical insecticides.
Between 1993 and 2000 he (together with László Papp) was a co-editor and author of Contribution to a Manual of Palaearctic Diptera I-III and the Appendix volumes. He is an internationally well-known researcher of selective insecticides. He is an expert of ecotoxicological aspects of pesticides, Hungary’s representative at the UN-GMO Conference about biodiversity (Paris, Montreal). His books about secondary effects of pesticides and GM-plants made him well-known in Hungary.

In the Plant Protection Institute he and András Székács established Department of Ecotoxicology and Environmental Analysis in 2000. Mean research topics are side effects of GM-plants and soil and water pollution are caused by pesticides. He is the head of department of Ecotoxicology Department of Szent István University/HAS Plant Protection Institute.
He is a founder of GMO-Roundtable Board (2005) of Hungary and member (chair, 2009-) of Board of Genetically Modified Organisms in Hungary (2005-).

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