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Novel-type insecticides: specificity and effects on non-target organisms
azonosítási szám:807
szerző(k):Béla Darvas and László A. Polgár
kulcsszavak:AC-303630; Azadirachta indica; BPU; Bacillus thuringiensis; Bhopal; DDE; DDT; IDRD; IGR; JH; Silent Spring; Streptomyces avermitilis; abamectin; agonist; aizawai; antagonist; aquatic; avermectin; botanical insecticide; buprofezin; chitin; chlorfluazuron; chloronicotinyl; cuticle; cyromazine; diafenthiuron; diflubenzuron; ecdysteroid; exoskeleton; fenoxycarb; flucycloxuron; flufenoxuron; hexaflumuron; hormone; imidacloprid; insect control agent; insect development and reproduction disrupter; insecticide; interfering; israelensis; juvenile hormone; juvenoid; kurstaki; lufenuron; methoprene; mimic; mode of action; morrisoni; neem; neurotoxic; non-sensitive; non-target; novel-type; off-target; pymetrozine; pyridine azomethin; pyriproxifen; pyrolle; resistance; san diego; secondary effect; specificity; target; tebufenozide; teflubenzuron; tenebrionis; terrestrial; thiourea; toxicity; triflumuron; zoocide;
rövid leírás:The novel-type insecticides are required to have low acute mammalian toxicity, because of their human applicators and consumers of agricultural products