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Environmental assessment of MON 810 maize in the Pannonian Biogeographical Region
azonosítási szám:6044
szerző(k):Székács András and Darvas Béla
kulcsszavak:Bacillus thuringiensis; Bt-crop; Bt-maize; Busseola fusca; Cry1-resistance; Cry1Ab; Daphnia magna; Darvas Béla; Datura stramonium; Dipel; ELISA; ERA; Fusarium; Helicoverpa armigera; Helicoverpa zea; IPM; Lepidostoma liba; MON 810; Monsanto; Nymphalis c-album; Nymphalis io; Ostrinia nubilalis; Pannonian Biogeographical Region; Plodia interpunctella; Rodics Katalin; Rubus; Spodoptera frugiperda; Sturmia bella; Székács András; Urtica dioica; Vanessa atalanta; co-existence; collembolan; cross-reactivity; cry gene; cypovirus 2; ecotoxicology; encapsulated Cry-toxin; endotoxin; environmental analysis; gene flow; glyphosate; herbicide tolerant weeds; national moratoria; pollen; pollination; preactivated toxin; protoxin; semi-finished product; stacked event; Ángyán József;
rövid leírás:MON 810 maize does not comply with IPM principles, as control cannot be limited to the period of pest damage above threshold level. The target insect, Ostrinia nubilalis is a practically inconsiderable pest in Hungary, therefore, the use of MON 810 maize is mainly groundless.