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Comparative aspects of Cry toxin usage in insect control
azonosítási szám:6047
szerző(k):András Székács and Béla Darvas
kulcsszavak:A. Székács; B. Darvas; Bacillus thuringiensis; Bt; CellCap; Cry toxin; Cry toxin residue; Cry toxin resistance; Daphnia magna; Diabrotica; Dipel; ELISA; Fusarium; Helicoverpa armigera; IPM; Lepidostoma liba; MON 810; MON 863; NewLeaf; Nymphalis c-album; Nymphalis io; Nymphalis urticae; Ostrinia nubilalis; Roundup; Roundup Ready; StarLink; Urtica dioica; Vanessa atalanta; aizawai; bioaccessible; bioavailability; bioinsecticide; biomass; coexistence; cypovirus 2; debris; expressed Cry toxin; glyphosate; intraspecific hybridization; kumamotoensis; kurstaki; pollen; preactivated toxin; protoxin; stubble; tenebrionis; truncated toxin;
rövid leírás:Bt crops cannot fulfill the main ecological principle of IPM that any protection measures should be timed only to the period(s) when pest damage exceeds the critical level, and therefore, regardless how environmentally mild their active ingredient is, do not comply with IPM.